Jake Tapper And Stephen Miller’s Sniping Reportedly Didn’t Stop Once CNN’s Cameras Stopped Rolling

All eyes were on the heated exchange between CNN’s Jake Tapper and Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller on Sunday morning’s State of the Union, when Tapper was eventually forced to eject Miller from his show after nearly 13 straight minutes of refusing to answer questions and attempting to railroad the conversation. As he shut down the interview, Tapper told a shouty, indignant Miller that he thought he had wasted enough of his viewers time. Continuing the drama, Miller reportedly also had to be escorted out of the studio by security after ignoring several polite requests to leave.

But now, according to a transcript making the rounds, the war of words didn’t stop between the two men after CNN went to commercial break. Following the end of the segment, Miller supposedly complained to Tapper about not having three minutes to “tell the truth” about the President of the United States, to which Tapper responded that he had been given a filibuster at the top of the segment — never mind that that’s not how interviews work in the first place.

Tapper then once again thanked Miller for coming in, who in turn told him he should be “ashamed” of himself:

Tapper: This is the reason they don’t put you out on TV, okay? This is the reason.

Miller: No Jake, you brought me on to talk about the Camp David summit and you –

Tapper: First of all, I had plenty of questions about immigration but you kept telling the same story over and over.

Miller: Because you’re asking about the salacious –

Miller (cont.): Look that’s all you want to talk about and you don’t have any interest in talking about –

Tapper: I had plenty of questions but you kept on repeating yourself and kept on not letting me answer my questions.

Tapper then went on to point out that Miller shouldn’t act offended being that he spent the entire interview attacking CNN, and Miller replied that he wasn’t acting offended, he was offended. Agree to disagree?

At the very least, it’s nice to see Pauly Shore having some relevance these days. You can read the full transcript below: