John McCain Confused The World With His Rambling Questions For James Comey

The Senate testimony of James Comey has inarguably been good for some Senators, and painfully embarrassing for others. But nobody, it seems, more confused the Americans watching than John McCain, with a lengthy, rambling closing questioning of Comey.

McCain, who’s criticized Trump in the past, seemed overly fixated on Hillary Clinton’s email server, and confused as to why Comey saw that case as finished in July, but that the investigation into Trump’s potential ties to Russia is still ongoing. In fact, McCain seemed to imply, bizarrely, that he was confused as to why Clinton wasn’t a person of interest in this investigation as well, despite being the target of the hacking. And that, in turn, confused everybody else watching:

The confusion is reasonable. Comey was asked about the Hillary Clinton investigation multiple times in the course of a hearing ostensibly about Russian interference with the 2016 election and potential ties between the Trump administration and the Russian government, but McCain’s line of questioning seems to have confused the two separate events as part of the same thing. Hopefully, in the closed session Comey is now heading into, the line of questioning will be more clear, and Comey can offer the committee more information.