Anonymous Claims It Can Get The Controversial ‘Making A Murderer’ Verdict Overturned

SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t finished Netflix’s Making a Murderer.

Making a Murderer is Netflix’s current hit, a documentary series following the case of Stephen Avery, a man who may or may not have been framed for a murder. Audiences are divided on Avery’s innocence or guilt, but there’s one group convinced Avery’s a victim: Anonymous.

To understand why, you need to look at the case. Avery was accused and convicted of sexually assaulting a Wisconsin jogger in 1985, and spent eighteen years in prison before being exonerated by DNA evidence in 2003. Almost immediately, Avery filed a lawsuit against the state of Wisconsin, alleging, among other things, that Sgt. Andrew Colborn and Lt. James Lenk of the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department found evidence that could have exonerated him in 1985, but failed to provide it.

Avery is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Teresa Halbach. Among the officers investigating the crime were Colborn and Lenk. If that weren’t enough of an issue, Lenk would later find Halbach’s keys among Avery’s possessions, lying out in plain view… despite the fact Avery’s home had been searched multiple times and the keys had not been found previously.

There are questions surrounding the case and Anonymous is claiming it has phone records of Lenk and Colborn and the evidence gathering list, and will be releasing them today. It’s unclear exactly what this might achieve, but it seems unlikely Lenk and Colborn won’t face increasing scrutiny, or that Avery’s case will be settled any time soon.

(Via Business Insider)

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