Meghan McCain Explains Why She Was ‘Done’ With Matt Lauer After What He Did To Ann Curry

In the wake of NBC firing Matt Lauer for alleged inappropriate sexual workplace behavior against a colleague, many are expressing their shock and disgust. Others on the other hand, are not as surprised. Lauer has been responsible for other eyebrow-raising behavior towards women in the past, most notably the treatment of his former Today co-host Ann Curry — who Twitter rallied around after the news broke. Such was the topic of conversation on The View later Wednesday morning, and co-host Meghan McCain did not sugarcoat her feelings on the ousted journalist.

After comparing the situation at NBC to having worked at Fox News when the Roger Ailes scandal broke, McCain turned her attention towards Lauer. “I will say, regarding — I’ve never worked at NBC, I worked at MSNBC briefly but not NBC — the way Matt Lauer treated Ann Curry, that’s when I was done with him,” she stated. “I’m the biggest fan of Ann Curry period, and I haven’t liked him since.”

She continued, “I just thought the way that they treated her on the way out — I love Ann Curry, I think she’s one of the greatest journalists of our time — and I thought it was so disrespectful … I just felt like, would you treat a man that way on the way out?” Breaking out into a laugh, Joy Behar added, “You know karma’s a bitch.” Indeed.