Michael Moore Thinks He Knows Exactly Who The Democrats Should Nominate In 2020 If They Want To Win

Michael Moore’s fortune-telling skills are no joke, and folks are realizing this after digging up his staggeringly accurate five-point prediction for why “Trump Will Win” the election. He wrote that in July, and of course, it’s big hindsight material now. He also offered up some suggestions for Democrats on how they could rid the nation of a Trump presidency, which may not be something the Dems end up doing because it’s not great for unity. But when Moore visited with Don Lemon tonight and offered some suggestions on who Democrats could nominate in 2020, the party might actually want to listen.

The segment started with Moore and Lemon discussing the low Democratic turnout that cost Hillary the election. Moore understand why he felt “inspired” by Hillary, but he also realizes why not all Democrats were excited. And his suggestion for remedying this in the future makes sense: “The Republicans, they run Ronald Reagan. They run Schwarzenegger. Why aren’t we running Tom Hanks or Oprah? … Why don’t we run people that are beloved by America?” That’s not a bad idea, actually, from a strategic standpoint. Sure, neither Hanks nor Oprah has any experience in political office (like Reagan did), but neither does Trump.

Here’s another segment of Moore’s Lemon appearance that actually came before the one discussed above. In this clip, Lemon and Moore have a chuckle over Trump looking “a little scared” during his White House meeting with Obama, as if he was wondering whether he’d made a huge mistake.