Over 20 Tornadoes Sweep Through The Midwest, Killing Multiple People

Tornado Damage In Perryville, Missouri On March 1, 2017
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On Tuesday evening, more than 20 tornadoes touched down across the Midwest, causing massive damage and leaving at least three people dead in the process. Meteorologists are also reporting that the region could see more storms on Wednesday, possibly with the same conditions, and up to 100 million people are currently at risk for continued severe weather.

According to the the National Weather Service, 22 twisters touched down in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee and Iowa. Three people lost their lives during the storms, and many more were injured. Wind speeds grew so strong that cars flew around a junkyard in Missouri. Sergeant Al Nothum of the Missouri Highway State Patrol Sergeant said 20 cars were picked up by the wind, injuring several in the process:

“This tornado picked up about 15-20 of these old cars, picked them up, blew them out of the junkyard, across the county road and into Interstate 55.” Nothum adds the injuries to the other drivers were minor, “which is amazing when you see how far these tractor trailer units were pushed.”

In other areas, people experienced torrential downpours and hail. And in some cases, the baseball-sized balls of hail comparisons were accurate:

Several cities have requested aid following the storms with first responders reportedly heading to areas that suffered massive damage. The Weather Channel warns readers and viewers to stay vigilant for the possibility of continued severe weather.

(Via CNN & The Weather Channel)