Nancy Grace Slams The Radio Hosts Who Accused Her Of ‘Capitalizing’ On Murdered Children

On Tuesday, Nancy Grace endured an interview with the Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show that did not go well. After over 10 minutes of being accused of “capitalizing” upon the deaths of children, Grace stood up and walked right out of the discussion. All of this happened after Norton and Roberts pounced on Grace about a minute after she arrived, and they never let up. Their entire series of questions revolved around Norton’s initial assertion: “I had a problem with you for a long time because I felt like you were capitalizing on tragedies.”

Towards the end of the discussion, Grace told Norton and Roberts that she felt attacked, and that as a crime victim, she’s devoted to helping missing victims. Further, she believes that her former work at HLN (along with prior shows and appearances elsewhere) was no more exploitative than regular news coverage of catastrophes. She visited The View on Wednesday to promote her upcoming Hallmark series, Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder and Love, and towards the tail end of her visit, Grace addressed her time with Norton and Roberts.

Naturally, she’s not thrilled with the hosts: “I had no idea I was gonna be interviewed by Beavis and Butt-Head.” She was terribly offended by the notion that anything she does could be seen as capitalizing on people’s misery, let alone missing children: “They suggested that my program — that I have poured my life’s blood into for 12 years and prosecuted and represented crime victims — was capitalizing on missing children and murder victims.” Grace admitted to nearly bursting into tears while being grilled, but “instead I got mad and bit back.” Ten minutes into the onslaught, she gave up and walked out.

Grace did not specify which host, either Norton or Roberts, was Beavis and which one was Butt-Head.

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