Patton Oswalt Helped Late Night TV Target Roy Moore And Sexual Misconduct

With a week to go until votes are cast in the Alabama Senate special election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones, Steve Bannon is rallying for the ex-judge while just about every late night show wants the world to remember that he’s been accused by many, many women of sexual misconduct.

Even Jimmy Fallon, who has seen his ratings plummet as Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert are scooping up viewers with political commentary had Patton Oswalt on as “Roy Moore,” who flips the script and rejects Donald Trump’s recent endorsement, saying he’s “like a teenage girl but in a bad way.”

Meanwhile, Kimmel had Tracee Ellis Ross on while he took some time away to be with his son who recently had another heart surgery, and she presented the world a children’s book for handsy men.

The Daily Show had quite a bit to say about Moore, including wondering out loud how and why Moore still has supporters as his accusers continue to grow in number.

And finally, Stephen Colbert looks to Moore, and Trump’s support of Moore, and deduces the real meaning of “MAGA.”

A CBS poll showed that 80 percent of Republicans still planned on voting for Moore.