Sean Penn Relives His Time Working With Steve Bannon: ‘I Don’t Think You Can Age Like That Without Hating People’

It might be a surprise, but Sean Penn has actually worked with former White House adviser and Breitbart lord of evil Steve Bannon in the past. The man who took inspiration from Darth Vader, Satan and other “dark” personas over the years actually produced a film with Penn back in 1991. Penn mentioned it during his appearance on Conan that aired Thursday night — it was filmed a few weeks back — and didn’t have any real kindness to share about Bannon. He couldn’t even muster a nod over the chances they shop at the same store for clothes.

The pair connected on a movie called The Indian Runner and it was Penn’s first directorial effort. Bannon was one of the executive producers, but Penn does his best to recount Bannon’s role and his own feelings toward the far-right strategist, calling him “charming” and a “crook” and admitting that he didn’t even know it was the same Steve Bannon that was going to war on politics with Donald Trump.

Penn says that Bannon “exerted the same level of charm that he does today” while helping with the film and his current look can only be attributed to the “toxins of the soul”:

“I don’t you can age like that without hating people…so that’s my impression of him.”

It’s nowhere near as memorable as his interview with Stephen Colbert from earlier in the week — it was disappointing that he didn’t even attempt to smoke — and it can’t hit on the response to his new book and his poetry about the #MeToo movement since it was filmed weeks ago. Not that Penn would talk about it, but you never know.

(Via Team Coco)