Sean Spicer Reflects On The ‘Honor’ Of Appearing At The Emmys After Backlash Over His Surprise Cameo

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During the monologue at Sunday’s Emmy Awards ceremony, host Stephen Colbert surprised the audience and viewers alike by rolling out former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for a bit about the size of the awards show audience. However, quite a few people on Twitter found the moment to be tasteless, for Spicer spent much of his time as press secretary lying to the public and justifying the President’s behavior.

Backstage and in the theater’s lobby, Spicer was mobbed by well-wishers and people requesting a photo. Spicer reportedly loved receiving the attention, which continued throughout the night (though The Hollywood Reporter mentions J.J. Abrams staying away for some reason):

“It’s an honor,” Spicer said of the chance to attend and participate in the Emmys. “I have a lot of respect for folks who do what they do in film and on television, so it’s a real honor to be invited.”

As for how his appearance came together, Spicer said it was quite simple. “I had a conversation with Stephen [Colbert] and his executive producer,” he explained. “They came up with a concept, and I thought it was kinda funny. I said I’d be there.”

Spicer went on to say that he wasn’t worried about the negative reactions his appearance was receiving, though, he said, “I haven’t fully digested it all.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)