Sean Spicer Thought Melissa McCarthy’s ‘SNL’ Impression Was Over The Line

Sean Spicer opened up to Sean Hannity about Melissa McCarthy’s famous SNL impressions of the newly resigned Press Secretary, and he thought a lot of them were too mean. Spicer just stepped down after President Trump appointed Anthony Scaramucci his new communications director, and Spicer declined to work with the newcomer. Over the past six months, comedian McCarthy has famously stepped into drag and onto a weaponized podium to lampoon some of Spicer’s trademark tics, from gum chewing to his use of props.

“I think that there were parts of it that were funny, but there’s a lot of it that was over the line…There are times when it goes from funny to mean, and there’s a difference when that happens. You have to have thick skin if you’re going to do this.”

Indeed. Melissa McCarthy wasn’t the only one dishing it out to Spicey during his tenure in the White House. Steve Bannon once said something just as cruel as anything Saturday Night Live wrote after the White House banned camera from press briefings. Bannon said the new ban was because “Sean got fatter.

But Spicer wasn’t totally humorless about McCarthy’s portrayal. “There are some skits on late night television that I will crack up at,” he admitted.

Reince Priebus didn’t agree, however. “I mean at times I think it’s over the top,” Priebus told Hannity. But not because of its meanness to Spicer— he criticized SNL for being biased:

“I think ‘Saturday Night Live’ is so far over the top that perhaps, you know, they should give equal time to another opinion”

President Trump evidently agrees. He took to Twitter Friday evening to blame the fake news media for Spicer’s downfall.

Spicer now has at least one less thing to worry about, though. Upon his resignation, Saturday Night Live bid farewell to McCarthy as Spicer with a single tweet that read “Spicey out” and featured clips of some of McCarthy’s best moments as the embattled Press Secretary.

(Via: New York Daily News)