Sean Spicer Doesn’t Seem To Like His Job Very Much And The Internet Loves It

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Sean Spicer is all the rage right now — and boy, is he full of rage — after he set the stage with a stormy 5-minute briefing on Saturday, where he angrily berated the press for (accurately) reporting on Trump’s “crowd size.” Spicer backed up his boss by claiming it was the biggest inaugural crowd in history, and Kellyanne Conway insisted that these are not lies but “alternative facts.” More manic disaster was bound to happen, and it did.

As it turns out, Spicer’s first real day in the White House press room was equally volatile but drawn out to primetime soap-opera length, and damn, so painful. He still can’t tell the difference between facts and opinions, and he ranted multiple times about the media and crowd size again. Somewhere in there, some actual policy discussion (about Trump pulling the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership) occurred in 15-second bursts. Yet some, like Michael Moore, thought that Spicer appeared to be perpetually reading a “prepared lie,” sort of “like a hostage tape.”

Overall, it seems like Spicer’s not enjoying the Trump ride and may be hoping for Conway to swoop in and put him on the back burner. Wouldn’t you? Conway doesn’t mind being called out on her spin — in response, she only cranks up her machine. Spicer, however, seems like a more sensitive soul. He’s having a terrible time, yet the Internet is enjoying what appears to be a man on the verge of a tantrum.

Beyond the obvious temperament issues, some folks also didn’t believe a darn thing that came out of Spicer’s mouth. That’s not an unexpected result after Saturday’s “Soviet-like” sweet nothings to the press.

Well, hey. Tomorrow is another day, and there shall be another press briefing. Something to look forward to, perhaps? Spicer likely doesn’t think so.