Stephen Colbert Sniffs Around Capitol Hill And Releases His Own Classified Memo About Devin Nunes

Stephen Colbert doesn’t get to leave The Late Show studio too much these days, but when he does he tries to make the most of it. His trip to Russia was special and mostly revolved around Donald Trump’s alleged pee pee romp in his hotel room and he had a lot of fun hosting the Emmys, but now they’ve let him leave to visit Capitol Hill. His mission is to share a memo he’s put together about Representative Devin Nunes, letting his fellow lawmakers know just what Colbert and the rest of The Late Show think about the House Intelligence Committee chairman.

He’s also trying to get as much info about the ongoing Russia investigation as he can, but will little luck. Rep. Adam Schiff seems happy to play around with Colbert, even telling him to release his redacted memo saying, “Adam Schiff is a [redacted],” and leading to a scene with the host delivering it all around. He then prods Senator Jeff Flake to read the memo and give up his very small rug, something the outgoing congressman does with ease despite the rug being a very important part of the office.

With little luck getting any help from the House Intelligence committee, Colbert decides to close the interview out by turning his attention on the Senate side of intelligence with Senator Mark Warner. This was not a good idea because Warner is even less inclined to share any details about the Russia investigation or anything else in life. He’s a steel trap.

If anything, this moment from the beginning of the entire segment sums up Washington D.C. at the moment.


(Via The Late Show)