Stephen Colbert Had A Hilarious Chat With Donald Trump’s ‘Top Cop’

It’s well known that Donald Trump has a tendency for referencing “people” in an attempt to drive home an overall opinion he has. Often we hear of these mysterious people — sometimes businessmen, friends, or just random people he’s comes across on the campaign trail — but rarely (never?) have we actually been treated to a follow-up interview with the mythical people Trump mentions. We just have to take Trump’s word for it, I guess.

Maybe not anymore.

Thanks to some thorough investigating by Stephen Colbert, we finally get to speak to one of the “people” Trump has recently quoted. Well, it’s possible this isn’t the exact person Trump was speaking of in this instance, but it’s also entirely possible it is. Who are you going to trust, Colbert of Trump? You thought about that way too long, didn’t you?

Appearing on The O’Reilly Factor Trump spoke of a recent encounter he had with a “rough and tough” Chicago police officer he claims had all the answers. Trump says he asked the officer — in regards to the record number of shootings happening across Chicago — “How do you stop this?” to which he the officer replied “I’d be able to stop this in one week.”. When questioned by Bill O’Reilly as to if he asked the officer how he might stop all the Chicago violence Trump said he didn’t ask him for the particulars of his plan, but he “believed him, 100%”. Trump went on to say he went as far as to give Chicago police the man’s name so they could hire him.

/pondering face emoji

Yes, Donald Trump gave the Chicago police department the name of a Chicago police officer in an attempt to get the Chicago police department to hire said Chicago police officer. Huh.

Enter Colbert and The Late Show. Colbert decided to look into this mystery “top police officer” and what he turned up was certainly a man with a plan, but possibly not the one Trump spoke to. “Officer” Ron Johnson appeared on The Late Show to further discuss his encounter with Trump. Towards the end we think we may have been duped, but honestly, we still can’t be totally sure this isn’t the man Trump spoke to.

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