Stormy Daniels Pulled In A Whopping 22 Million Viewers For Her ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

CBS News

For anyone who visited a water cooler today, it would probably be safe to assume that a lot of people tuned in for the much anticipated Stormy Daniels interview with Anderson Cooper on Sunday night’s 60 Minutes. Well, the numbers are in, the interview was indeed watched by 22 million viewers. Somewhat ironically, it was the most watched episode of the news magazine style show since Barack and Michelle Obama sat down for an interview after the 2008 election, which was seen by over 25 million.

The New York Times points out that these days, it’s rare for a televised event to draw more than 20 million viewers, with exceptions being live broadcasts of major sporting events and awards shows. For comparison, this years Grammys and Golden Globes were watched by 19.8 million and 19 million, respectively; while the 2018 Academy Awards pulled in 26.5 million viewers.

It would be interesting to see what our ratings-obsessed president would think of such numbers. But since There’s a Tweet For Everything — it’s worth pointing out that back on September 28, 2015, Donald Trump tweeted about the ratings of an episode of 60 Minutes he had appeared on the night before, which he crowed was the show’s “biggest in a year!”

According to Zap2It, Trump’s 60 Minutes was watched by just 15 million viewers, compared to Stormy’s 22 million. Sad!

(Via the New York Times)