Susan Sarandon Is Fed Up And Leaving The DNC After Having The Worst Time


A lot of Bernie Sanders supporters were unhappy when their chosen candidate put his full support behind Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. One of his disappointed fans was Susan Sarandon, who was caught on Twitter shaking her head during Sanders’ speech on Monday night. On Tuesday morning, Sarandon confirmed what everyone was saying when they saw her glare. She was definitely having the worst time.

Sarandon tweeted this succinct message early on Tuesday.

Before that tweet, Sarandon retweeted an article about how DNC emails tried to conceal the Clinton campaign’s fundraising strategy. One can surmise that Sarandon was upset about the information revealed in the DNC email leak, and how some staffers treated Clinton versus Sanders.

In subsequent tweets, Sarandon responded to people praising Sanders’ speech and endorsement of Clinton by sort of maybe implying that he was pressured into supporting her, so that he wouldn’t be accused of leading the way for Trump.

There’s also a tweet of some wallpaper plus a wet floor sign. Can anybody interpret the message her? Maybe she just likes the decoration?

Sarandon is far from the first celebrity to strongly criticize Hillary Clinton in aid of Bernie Sanders. There’s Rosario Dawson, for instance, who invoked Monica Lewinsky’s name in talking about the Clinton campaign and what she characterizes as their bullying tactics. It seems like Dawson is playing it safer during the DNC, at least on Twitter, while another prominent Sanders supporter, Sarah Silverman, called out the “Bernie or Bust” crowd in her speech with Al Franken. It seems like Sarandon, however, is sticking to the “Bernie or Bust” message for the time being.

(via New York Daily News)