The Man Who Spent Over $100,000 On Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber Has Been Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances

Toby Sheldon, the man who made his name by spending more money than anyone has ever spent to look (almost exactly nothing) like Justin Bieber has been found dead at a Motel 6 in the San Fernando Valley. Few details are available now, but TMZ reports that the 35-year-old was discovered with drugs.

According to officials, Sheldon was reported missing on August 18th and found on August 21st, although reports of his death are just hitting the news now. The aspiring singer, who appeared on both Botched and My Strange Addiction may have disappeared due to a recent breakup, but police don’t know whether his death was intentional, accidental, or whether foul play was involved.

Sheldon is best known for a music video he collaborated on with two other plastic surgery enthusiasts who had undergone procedures to look like Madonna and Jennifer Lawrence.

(Via TMZ)