‘The Start-Up Guys’ Is Funny Because It’s True

As someone whose bullsh*t detector goes all DEFCON 5 any time I meet someone who refers to themselves as a “social media expert” or a “web strategist,” I found this new series from College Humor, titled “Start-up Guys,” to be positively spot-on. I was just telling someone recently how these sort of people remind me so much of Wall Street guys in that they make what they do seem too complex for the average person to wrap their brain around, thus creating the facade that the services they provide are a rare, valuable commodity. So it’s kind of fitting that the tagline for this series is the following: “The best web strategy is one you don’t understand.”

Like so many people working in finance, many web consultants/strategists are savvy con artists, so they deserve a tip of the cap I suppose, but that doesn’t mean we all have to like them and not make fun of them anymore! And this, with the indoor sunglasses, the disheveled hair, the energy drink-fueled twitching, the talking in circles while tossing out endless arcane jargon, is all just perfect. I swear that these guys are modeled after a guy I know in New Orleans who’s currently going around town hawking his “social media expert” credentials — people would be much better off hiring Alex Blagg. With that said…

(Via Soup)