Things Are Taking A Sinister Turn In The Case Of The Missing Boy Found In His Father’s Basement

Most stories that begin with the words, “Nancy Grace,” usually don’t involve the brightest of subjects. When Charlie Bothuell was on Grace’s show the other day and learned that his son had been found alive while on the air, you knew there was a good chance things could go dark quick. And dark they went. From NBC News:

The boy told medical examiners that a circular scar they found was the result of being struck with the pipe. He also told investigators that the stepmother locked him in the basement, “barricaded behind boxes and totes,” and told him not to come out “no matter what he hears,” according to the state’s petition. His grandmother told the FBI that the last time she saw him, “he was very skinny, and almost looked like a cancer patient,” and had marks all over his arms and chest.

So it turns out those sketchy details involving a PVC pipe and Bothuell not being allowed to see his son might be a bit more firm now. That isn’t stopping him from denying the allegations of abuse, with his lawyer, Mark Magidson, citing a strict exercise routine to help his son lose weight:

NBC station WDIV reported the child may have feared punishment for stopping in the middle of a strict exercise routine imposed by his dad, which involved doing 4,000 strides on an elliptical machine without taking a break.

Bothuell’s attorney said the workouts began because the boy was overweight when he came to live with his father.
Magidson said Charlie was not struck by his parents, and the bruises on his body are due to “just a boy being a boy.” He also said the boy had a history of disruptive behavior and discipline issues both at home and at school. (via)

It’s certainly an odd turn of events. Not to mention that the step-mother was in court for unrelated charges Saturday, adding more drama to the pile.

Is it bad that I’m actually hoping it is just a big misunderstanding at this point? I think that would at least help remove some of the weight off of the soul of this story. It doesn’t help when you read a lawyer saying “certain things are expected of him,” and can’t help but feel that there is something sinister bubbling below the surface.

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(Via NBC News)