Week In Review: We Can Dance If We Want To

I like to think that one day, while on the brink of complete global nuclear annihilation, the leaders of the world’s mega powers, with their fingers firmly set on pressing their big red buttons, will be in the ultimate standoff, staring each other down via huge monitors in underground bunkers. And as each man arrogantly waits for his counterparts to buckle and cave, someone will fake a loud fart noise and they’ll all begin laughing, ushering a never-before-seen era of tranquility.
You see, laughter to me is a cure, which is why I love to see it created by people are typically above pandering for giggles, and it’s also important for those who create laughter and entertainment to preserve it and not let others ruin it. The same goes for good burrito recipes, but that’s a whole different story. Onward with this week’s review!

Speaking of world leaders, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev let his guard down recently and subsequently got his groove on when he started dancing to the song “American Boy”. Medvedev, the shorter gentleman in the grey-blue suit on the right, struts his stuff with what looks to be the latest dance craze, “Cranky Boy Doesn’t Want To Go To Bed”. Alas, the show is stolen by the man in the black suit, who I believe is Russian TV show host Garik Martirosyan, but he could just be some guy hopped up on PCP. Either way, he woke up in a gulag labor camp the next morning.
I’ve never watched Glee, so I’m a little ignorant to the show’s finer nuances, but I know plenty of girls who watch this show and it makes them borderline violent when I make fun of it, so I can only imagine spoilers might make them feel. Nicole Crowther is an extra on Glee, or at least she was, since she took to Twitter this week and revealed major plot spoilers, including who will be the Prom king and queen at season’s end. Nicole admitted she was drunk when she made the mistake of Tweeting the spoilers and she since deleted her Twitter account.
Meanwhile, Fox responded by amending the contracts of extras to include nondisclosure clauses, begging the question – what the F, Fox? How do you have an immensely popular TV show and not protect it from scene fillers? A plague on both their houses.
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Kids can be so adorable when they’re taking pictures, like if you dress them up as sunflowers or they’re crying on Santa’s lap or they’re reenacting some of the most terrible events in recent world history, as well as pop culture icons. Photographer Jonathan Hobin claims that the message behind these graphic photos is that nobody is safe from horrible realities, in that we have no protection from the media’s reach. The Canadian dressed children up to take on 9/11, Katrina, Kim Jong-Il, Princess Diana’s death, and Abu Ghraib (above), among others.
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Caleb Walker added some star power to his high school baseball resume this week, after the above video footage surfaced of his impressive play at the plate. Walker, who plays for Tupelo High School in Mississippi, was waved home in the sixth inning and appeared to be out by a country mile until he slid and hopped over South Panola’s catcher to hit the plate. Walker later called the play the greatest moment of his life, to which his girlfriend just shrugged and said, “Whatever.”
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Bak the boxer was blinded during an accident last year, an occurrence that his 47-year old Polish owner Renata Kursa has felt terrible about. While we don’t know what the accident entailed, we do know that Bak is getting along pretty well despite his limitations thanks to his new friend Buttons, a 4-year old female goose. Buttons helps lead Bak around by pushing him with her neck or by honking to indicate direction, and they’ve become inseparable, which is great until they try to have kids. I know, I should quit judging.
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  • On Tuesday, Glee aired its first original episode in 4 weeks, featuring Filipino pop starlet Charice, but the show experienced a 12% ratings drop from its last new show. Fortunately for a smash hit show, Glee still led the time slot with 9.6 million viewers, 4 million higher than Raising Hope in second place. (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Not surprisingly, Glee’s success is owed to the adoration of teenage girls and boys and their love of drama clubs and pop music. Very surprisingly, the shows highest ratings ever came after this year’s Super Bowl, with 26.8 million people viewing the show, with a peak of 39.5 million. (Zap 2 It)