Marchers From The Women’s March Discuss Their Motivations, Revealing Ideas As Diverse As They Are

The Women’s Marches held on Saturday were the largest public demonstration in the history of our nation. People rallied together — from the wilds of Antartica to the streets of the capital — holding signs, singing songs, and chanting.

Which prompted naysayers to ask: “What’s the point?”

As with any demonstration of this scope, pulling out a single overarching theme is difficult. “Women’s Rights” clearly means different things to different people. Some women marched for abortion rights, stricter punishments for violence against women, or equal pay, while another subset seemed to be marching against President Donald Trump.

We sent Britt Ellis to ask people “Why are you marching” and the answers she got back were every bit as diverse as the marchers themselves. Was it a protest? A demonstration of solidarity? Maybe the right answer is “all of the above.”

Perhaps Singer/actress Emmalyn Estrada said it best when she told our cameras, “When we do come together it shows that we are powerful.” That point, above all, was definitely in evidence.

In the weeks, months, and years to come we’ll see if these massive demonstrations help to surface new leaders and voices for change. In the meantime, it’s important to note that Americans have once again proven that they will take to the streets to make their feelings heard. It’s a big deal — regardless of the endgame.