These Protestors Who Never Met Before Flawlessly Performed A Women’s March Anthem

If you’ve been in choir before, you know how hard it is to learn how to sing a new song in four or more parts. Hint: It’s really, really hard and can take months or weeks of group rehearsals. Which is why the phenomenon you can witness in the above video is pretty incredible. All the women you hear singing their song, which, judging from their signs is called “I Can’t Keep Quiet,” have never even met before. Apparently, they each practiced their parts at home, and came together today for the Women’s March in DC to perform it for the first time.

One of the best parts about the video is the diversity of singers, it includes women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds abelting out the words in perfect harmony. That kind of intersectionality is crucial for a political movement like this one, especially for feminism, which has historically struggled with including women of all backgrounds.

The Women’s March has been an incredibly successful as a protest of Trump’s election, with marches all across the country and across the world. Women (and men) are standing in solidarity with one another to peacefully voice their disapproval of Trump’s behavior. Marches in Chicago, LA and the primary march in DC all had such a massive turnout that they weren’t able to have the mobility to actually march — which didn’t stop women from standing together in solidarity anyway.

Meanwhile, Trump is fudging Inauguration crowd numbers, just like Frank Ocean predicted he would try to do.

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