29 LeBron James Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind

LeBron James turns 29 today, but he’s been in the league since he was a teenager, so we’ve got a full decade of LeBron to consider. It’s with that mind we provide you 29 different numbers (and sets of numbers) to add some context to the preceding 10 years. In that time, he’s only won a couple titles and a few MVP’s while simultaneously serving as the fulcrum for the love — and hate — of NBA fans, so we think his next 10 might be even crazier.

29. He’s the youngest player to score 21,819 points at just 29 years of age, per Tim Reynolds at the Associated Press. Feel free to read that entire piece because the scoring numbers are astounding. He might challenge Karl Malone and, gulp, Kobe Bryant all-time when it’s all said and done.

28. He’s got four MVP Awards, including four of the last five with only Derrick Rose in 2011, breaking up LeBron’s streak (he finished third that season). Only the immortal Bill Russell has won four in five years, and no one has won five in six years. Only Michael Jordan (5), Russell (5) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (6) have more MVPs than James.

27. James has made $129,155,913 in his 10 years.

26. ‘Bron has passed for 5,491 assists in his 10 years, which is the 43rd most in NBA history, and the fifth most among current players.

25. He has 5,754 rebounds, which is good for 180th all-time, and 23rd among contemporary players.

24. He’s led the league in minutes played twice, both with the Cavaliers, obviously.

23. He’s won player of the week 45 times.

22. He’s won player of the month 25 times in his career, and he won rookie of the month six times during his opening season.

21. He’s led the league in Player Efficiency Rating six times, with only Michael Jordan (7), Wilt Chamberlain (8) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (9) doing it more times. Oh yeah, he’s leading the league in PER again this year at 31.6, with Kevin Durant the next closest at 28.3.

20. LeBron has two All-Star Game MVP awards

19. He’s got two NBA Finals MVP Awards.

18. James has won seven All-NBA First Team Selections; two All-NBA Second Team Selections and five All-Defensive First Team selections.

17. James has been voted into nine consecutive starting spots in the All-Star Game.

16. LeBron has never led the league in field goal attempts, but he did lead the league in points per game (30.0) during the 2007-08 season.

15. LeBron has finished within the top 10 in assists four times in his career, and is 11th this season at 7.2 per game.

14. James is third all-time in career triple-doubles with 47. Jason Kidd (118), Magic Johnson (79), and Oscar Robertson — *who averaged a triple-double in the 1961-62 season, are the only players with more.

13. James is second all-time in PER (player efficiency rating) at 27.71 with only the GOAT, MJ, ahead of him (27.91).

12. Among the top Wins Shares per 48 minutes in a single season, LeBron James has four seasons in the top 11. Kareem and MJ have three a-piece and no one else has more than one. James is also 5th all-time in Win Shares per 48 minutes; only Chris Paul is higher among active players.

11. James is 21st all-time in Win Shares for a career and 5th among active players; only Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant have more so far.

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10. James has the top two highest total win shares in a single season among active players.

9. James also has four of the top 11 highest single-season PER numbers all-time, with no other active player ahead of him, and only Wilt Chamberlain (3) and Michael Jordan (4) in his midst.

8. Speaking of PER, James has led the league for the last seven consecutive seasons, and finished 6th, 2nd and 6th in his first three seasons in the league, which means he’s finished within the top 6 in PER for almost his entire career (not including his rookie season).

7. He’s led the league in Win Shares the last five seasons, but he’s currently third this year (Chris Paul and Kevin Durant are ahead of him so far this season).

6. Over the last three seasons in Miami, he’s finished within the top 10 for true shooting percentage and effective field goal percentage, and he finished within the top three in both categories during his last two championship-winning seasons.

5. This season, ‘Bron’s fourth in points, 12th in assists and 44th in rebounds, tied for 27th in steals and tied for 48th in blocks per game. Over his career he’s finished within the top 10 in points every year, and within the top 10 in steals in per game six times.

4. He’s second in the league in true shooting percentage this season, with only Kyle Korver shooting at a higher true shooting percentage.

3. He’s third in the league in effective field goal percentage this season and fourth in overall field goal percentage. For the latter, he’s one of only two guards within the top 20 (Dwyane Wade is the other).

2. Last season, when he won his fourth MVP in five years, and led his Heat to their second straight title, he also finished second in the league in Defensive Player of the Year voting, getting more first place votes than everyone, but winner Marc Gasol.

1. He just turned 29, so we’re only a little over halfway point of his career.

Happy Birthday LeBron James. You’re already all over the record books and you’ve still got a long way to go.

*The Big O’s triple-doubles are difficult to tabulate because stats weren’t as closely watched as they are for contemporary games. Thanks to the commenter who pointed out the oversight, though, since Oscar is the godfather of the triple-double.

[All numbers and all-time rankings per Basketball-Reference, unless otherwise stated or hyperlinked.]

What’s the craziest stat of LeBron’s career so far?

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