Director Adam McKay Dishes On Balling With ‘SNL’ Alums And The ‘Amazing Story’ Of The Iron Virgin

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If Adam McKay were an NBA player he would be Kawhi Leonard. Much like Leonard does everything on a basketball court including rebound, defend, shoot both the mid-range and three point shot and take it to the hole and throw down ferocious dunks, McKay has done it all in his career. He was the head writer at Saturday Night Live at 28, is an internet mogul by virtue of his co-founding Funny or Die, has written and directed Anchorman and Step Brothers and recently won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for writing the critically lauded The Big Short, a film he also directed.

One element of McKay’s persona that people are often unaware of is his unrelenting passion for the game of basketball. A passion that he serviced by executive producing the 30 for 30 Short, A.C. Green: Iron Virgin. Narrated by Will Ferrell, the short is about the travails Green encountered while maintaining his virginity throughout his 16 years in the NBA. The short is available to watch now on

We had the chance to discuss A.C. Green: Iron Virgin with McKay and also touched on his basketball awakening, his love of early Public Enemy, as well as some of the current players that he likes to watch on NBA League Pass.

How did you come up with the idea for A.C. Green: Iron Virgin?

I went to a Lakers game with Todd Schulman who is one of the producers on the short. He’s a massive basketball junkie and we were just talking hoops and 30 for 30 and he said: “How has there not been one done on A.C. Green?” We then started talking about the “Showtime” era for the Lakers which was one of the great debauched dynasties in sports. You had A.C. Green dropped into the middle of this, who was not only a hardcore religious guy, but, most importantly, a virgin, which is just an amazing story. Then we started researching and the story just got better and better. I remember A.C. Green in college, I remember when he was drafted and I had heard about the virgin component, but to get to hear those stories was really fun.

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