Former Gonzaga Star Adam Morrison Has A Fully-Stocked Apocalypse Bunker, Because Of Course He Does

Gonzaga Bulldogs v UCLA Bruins
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In case you needed any further confirmation, Adam Morrison is a pretty weird dude.

We were all reminded of that once again this week when it was revealed that the former Gonzaga basketball standout reportedly has a fully-functional, fully-stocked apocalypse bunker at the ready. This information was passed along by current Gonzaga forward Kyle Wiltjer, a friend of Morrison’s, who appeared on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast on Friday.

Wiltjer was asked whether he’d compare himself more to Morrison or Christian Laettner, and he chose the latter for some very amusing reasons.

“If you know [Morrison], I don’t wanna compare myself to him. Let me give you a brief example of this: The guy is fully equipped if there was an apocalypse. He’s got food stashed away, everything. So he could survive everything,” Wiltjer said.

“Guns, everything. He’s got a bunker. Everything. I don’t think I can compare myself to him, so I’m gonna go with Christian Laettner.

“I haven’t fully seen it. I’ve just heard the myth, and I’ve talked to him about it. But he’s definitely fully-equipped. He’s got food, everything, if anything went down.

“He thinks something’s going down with politics or something, because if you ever ask him a political question, you will get a great answer … He thinks everyone is corrupt, basically.

Well, there you have it…Adam Morrison has gone full 10 Cloverfield Lane on us.

Honestly, it’s hard to say the news is totally shocking, as Morrison has always been a rather, um, eccentric guy. We can all laugh at him now but, depending on our next president, we may wish we had taken the same precautions.