Cavs Fans Are Mocking Ayesha Curry With This Call Back To ‘Friday’

Cleveland Cavaliers fans are all out of tolerance for Ayesha Curry. Steph Curry’s wife has taken to criticizing the Cavaliers’ arena staff, NBA referees, and many more people in her recent in-game Twitter behavior. She probably had some backlash coming, truthfully. Suggesting the league is rigged when you’re sitting on top of it kind of invites that.

As such, some Cavs fans have evoked a memorable moment from the classic 90’s comedy Friday in a new shirt design:

For reference:

There won’t be too many of these at Game 7, of course. The game will be played at Oracle Arena in Oakland, and the Golden State Warriors will have a distinct edge in the team colors and home-crowd noise departments. Ayesha should be much more comfortable there, after her obvious discomfort in Cleveland for Game 6.

It’s rare that a non-player gets this involved in the story surrounding a series, but Ayesha has done just that. She’s sniped back against criticism from Stephen A. Smith in recent days, and if she wanted to, she could reply to many other people who have taken to the internet and airwaves to question the wisdom of her expression. Many eyes will be on her timeline tonight, to see if she’s still eager to jump into the lion’s den of social media after all this backlash. Even if Steph has joked about cutting off the wifi in the house, I’m pretty sure you can get that LTE signal at Oracle.