Can Baron Davis Play In The NBA After Dropping 40 Points At The Drew League?

The Drew League tipped off back in mid-May, but it wasn’t until week eight when the former NBA all-star who immortalized the Los Angeles streetball league in a recent documentary was able to show out.

Baron Davis was scorching from the field on his way to 44 points this past weekend at The Drew. Even with all those buckets, he found time to bust out a sick dribble drive and behind-the-back dime (see video above).

Baron Davis Drew League Move

But was Baron’s week eight explosion proof the 36-year-old can play in the NBA?

He last played for the Knicks in 2012, and even spoofed his comeback in a great viral video.

Does this mean he can actually play in the Association again? Davis has battled knee injuries for most of his career, even undergoing surgery while still at UCLA. But a serious left knee injury while playing for the Knicks in the 2012 NBA playoffs was his last time on the court.

Regardless of any actual return potential, be on the lookout for more Davis highlights as the Drew League continues into late August. Or maybe catch him on Sin City Saints.