Brandon Jennings Wants To Be Called “Ike Turner, Jr.”

The Detroit Pistons ended their home losing streak the day after Christmas with a 119-109 win at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Brandon Jennings had a double-double with 14 points and 10 dimes, and the winning continued on Sunday against a sieve of a Cavs team. But it was Jennings’ post-game outfit and comments after the Indy win we want to mention. He chose a terrible person to act as his new style forefather.

Per Brendan Savage of, comes Jennings’ naive analogy for his late 1960s wardrobe:

Jennings wore a brown turtleneck, brown jacket that looked as if it was made out of crushed velvet, and a pair of sunglasses with round lens that resembled the sort of the spectacles John Lennon was famous for.

He looked like something straight out of the late 1960s.

As hard as Jennings tried, he couldn’t maintain a straight face while answering questions from reporters, breaking into a sheepish grin a couple of times before regaining his composure.

Finally, somebody asked him about the fancy duds.

“I don’t go by Brandon Jennings anymore,” he said while heading toward the exit. “I’m Ike Turner Jr.”

Ike is perhaps most famous now for being the husband and serial abuser of one-time wife, Tina Turner. Yes, he was also a musician grooving a hip style, but he beat the living hell out of Tina before she left him in 1976. Brandon Jennings might not know this, but if he does, there are better moral entities to mimic. Even if Jennings doesn’t know Ike’s dark history, plenty of guys from that era dressed better than Ike.

(; H/T reddit)

Does Jennings know Ike’s history?

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