D’Angelo Russell Was Forced To Give Himself A High-Five After The Lakers Left Him Hanging

10.10.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

An underrated part of team sports is all the high-fiving and hugging. You and your friends just did a cool sports thing, so it’s time to slap five and laugh. Except when you’re D’Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers. In that case, you should probably accept that your teammates probably don’t want to high-five your snitching-ass hands.

That’s what happened during a timeout Sunday, when Russell was forced to take part in the saddest thing you can do to yourself with your hands — a self-high-five. Yes, that is the saddest thing you can do to yourself with your hands. You heard me.

As you may recall, Russell is the Laker who recorded teammate Nick Young secretly, which caused the rest of his teammates to freeze him out. The question now becomes: Did they intentionally not high-five Russell in this situation because of that, or was this simply a case of an accidental missed high-five?

The well-liked Russell Westbrook was left hanging once; David Blatt didn’t see LeBron James looking for a high-five, and now Blatt is out of the NBA, so that doesn’t bode well for Russell; shirtless delight J.R. Smith wanted a high-five but didn’t get one, and there was this legendary moment between Kevin Love and James during the NBA Finals.

So the possible outcomes here for Russell are, your teammate abandons you for Golden State, you get fired or you win an NBA title. Yeah, it’s probably going to be the second one, isn’t it?

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