The Knicks May Send An Assistant Coach To Derrick Rose During His Trial

10.13.16 2 years ago

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Derrick Rose has been stuck in Los Angeles as he stands trial for sexual assault, 3,000 miles away from his Knicks teammates. He’s missing critical practice and playing time, and the Knicks coaching staff knows it — they’re considering sending out an assistant coach to try to keep Rose on track for learning the Knicks offense.

Derrick Rose’s civil trial for sexual assault has been ugly and unpleasant for all involved, and it’s not over yet. It sits in stark contrast to the way athletes are often able to quickly make such allegations disappear legally, whether by out-of-court settlement or a victim’s unwillingness to be dragged through the mud like Jane Doe in this case. As a result, the lengthy court proceedings have caught head coach Jeff Hornacek by surprise.

“Our hope was that he would be done on Monday or Tuesday and maybe be back. It is what it is,” Hornacek said. “He’s got to deal with that.”

Asked when Rose might return, Hornacek added, “We don’t know right now. That’s why we’re kind of trying to hold off (sending somebody out there). We might get the word he’ll be back Friday night. If we get a word that he’s definitely going to be there next week then we’ll look to send someone out there.”

It’s a tough line to tread for the Knicks, because in basketball terms, missing your team’s preseason is severely damaging for a point guard. That’s when everyone learns offensive sets and how to play with each other on the court. At the same time, focusing on that too much trivializes the real-world serious matter of a trial. It’s why statements like this from Carmelo Anthony might make you cringe just a little.

“I’m pretty sure if I was (Hornacek) I’d be calling Derrick and telling him, ‘Hurry up. Figure it out and hurry up back,’” Carmelo Anthony said. “Just because the way the team is starting to jell together and come together, the camaraderie we’re starting to create with one another, we don’t want him missing out on that.”

Derrick Rose’s trial is a serious issue, but it’s important to remember his absence from the Knicks might be the least serious part of it.

(Via NY Daily News)

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