The Reporter Who Asked Draymond Green That Bizarre Flood Question Has Been Fired

After Game 4 of the first round series between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, Draymond Green was asked a strange and inappropriate question. A reporter’s self-proclaimed “interesting question” asked Green to connect the Warriors’ performance to flooding in Houston both in the last week or so and around the time the Warriors played the Rockets in last year’s Conference Finals.

Green responded in typical Draymond fashion, which is to say he called out the bullsh*t honestly and forcefully.

It’s not the first time a reporter has tried to draw inappropriate parallels between sports and the harsh realities of life, but because of Draymond’s reaction, this particular question went viral, and it appears the reporter has paid the price.

It was clear from hearing the audio that the reporter’s first language was not English so, as Deadspin pointed out, one could reasonably (if charitably) chalk up the lack of tact to the language barrier. Even leaving that aside, the guy is a first-year reporter, and there isn’t one of those on earth that is mistake-free.

With as little information as we have, we can’t assume that one question was the sole reason for his termination, but if it was, one has to wonder if he would still have his job had Draymond simply said, “Next question.”

(Via Deadspin)