Why Steph Curry And Draymond Green Blasted A Utah Jazz Reporter On Twitter

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There’s a lot to digest here, but the main crux of the problem was an unpaid basketball blogger decided to report on some things he saw and overheard in the Warriors’ locker room after their close Monday night win over the Jazz in Salt Lake City.

The basketball blogger, Ben Dowsett, sent a bunch of silly tweets about how it seemed like the Warriors were disrespecting the Jazz in the visitor’s locker room after the game.

His evidence was impressionistic and scant, to say the least, which is likely why he was the only one reporting it as such.

So, yeah. Those aren’t great and they’re shrouded in some opaque language that doesn’t feature one on-the-record quote from a Warriors player. Jazz big man Rudy Gobert may have even taken his tweets and used them as motivation.

Obviously Dub Nation let him hear about what they thought on Twitter, but the subjects of his reporting — specifically Draymond Green and Stephen Curry — responded to his missives on Twitter, too. Dray, especially, was particularly ruthless, and Andrew Bogut also chimed in with another in a long series of player complaints about the ease with which media can get credentialed for a game in these days of online journalism.

Here’s Steph:

And on Steph, Dowsett backtracked and admitted he misheard him:

But then he continued to defend his speculative assertions in earlier tweets.

Then Dowsett gets a little personal and reminded his followers he does this basketball thing without getting paid.

A few things after we’ve untangled that mess of a yarn some are calling a story:

  • Dowsett doesn’t come off well here. His tweets were murky at best, and if he wants to report something about what’s happening in the locker room, all he had to do was go up to Dray or Steph and ask them about what he’d purportedly saw or heard. The fact that he doesn’t get paid for what he’s doing is beside the point and sounds like whining. (Also, we doubt he’s spending 60 hours a week — one and a half times the normal work week — on a part-time gig where he doesn’t get paid. We used to write for free a lot, too, back when we were freelancing, and that’s a totally unrealistic embellishment on his part, which further clouds his credibility.)
  • There was no reason for Dray, Steph or Bogut to respond on Twitter. Besides the fact all are adult professional basketball players, they’re also 19-0 and the defending champions. People are gonna come at them hard on Twitter and elsewhere and they just have to ignore it. We get that they thought they were misrepresented in Dowsett’s timeline, and he even retracted Steph’s comments, but they didn’t need to respond so conspicuously on Twitter.
  • This whole story is so idiotic, we blame every single person involved, including ourselves for reporting what happened.

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