Watch This Grown Man Completely Lose It After Touching LeBron’s Hand

Dominique Waters is from Akron, Ohio, just like LeBron James, so when he calls himself LeBron’s “Number One Fan,” he’s more likely than most to be telling the truth. And yet, that still doesn’t quite explain why simply getting a pregame high five — PREGAME — from the man himself would reduce Waters to a blubbering mess.

The editing of the video — and the fact that he stuck his cell phone camera DIRECTLY in his own face while crying, which is an instinct to which I will never be able to relate — raises some suspicions about the honesty of the reaction. But Waters’ equally earnest Youtube description makes me want to believe that he is just that much in love with LeBron. He says that his “hope is for LeBron James himself to see this one day,” but he should be careful what he wishes for, because LeBron may react the same way I did, which is to say, “Bruh.”

(Via Black Sports Online)

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