Here’s LeBron James Monstrous Game 6 Alley Oop Called In Seven Different Languages

Did you know that the NBA made a broadcasting deal with Rosetta Stone? Well, not exactly, but the league is truly international. Multiple broadcasters from around the world came to their favorite city, Cleveland, for Game 6 of the NBA Finals and boy were they in for a treat: One of LeBron James’ greatest performances ever, one that willed his team to a Game 7 against the Golden State Warriors.

This epic alley-oop in which LeBron crushes the basket like it’s his childhood swing set is one of the big highlights in an NBA Finals where almost every game has been a blowout.

One of the beautiful things about basketball being so international is that we get to hear highlight plays like this in different languages. Did you hear the Italian announcer? He’s the most excited and it’s not even Kobe. Who knew?

All of us savoring this beautiful play is in anticipation for Game 7. The world can’t wait for this one. The game is already a classic and it has yet to begin. Now just imagine if James, Steph Curry, and others fill Sunday’s do-or-die contest with highlights like this one.