After Warning, J.R. Smith Still Looks To Untie Greg Monroe’s Shoes

01.07.14 5 years ago 5 Comments

The Knicks’ mercurial wing, J.R. Smith, was at it again on Tuesday night. He made an abortive attempt to untie Greg Monroe‘s sneakers at the free throw line during New York’s 89-85 win against the visiting Pistons. This comes on the heels of his successful attempt to untie Shawn Marion‘s sneaker this past Sunday.

During a Josh Smith free throw early in Tuesday night’s game, Smith you can see Smith reach down as if he’s going for Monroe’s sneaker, but he doesn’t get to the laces. It appears that either Monroe waggled his sneaker enough to discourage the idea, or Smith was just playing after the hubbub of his move on Marion from this weekend.

After Smith’s hijinks against Marion, the league gave him a warning, as noted by the New York Post‘s Marc Berman.


But Smith claimed after the Mavs game on Sunday, he does it all the time.


So maybe this has been Smith’s secret weapon all these years and he’s been bamboozling opponent’s adjacent to him on the line for a while. Or, maybe he just liked the attention and thought he’d pretend to do it again, but not actually do it because he doesn’t want to pay a fine that would most likely be coming after the warning.

What do you think?

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