Watch High-Flying Jimmy Butler Come Out Of Nowhere For Towering Tip Dunk In Bulls’ Win Over Bucks

02.23.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

Jimmy Butler has made a vast number of improvements to his game during his inaugural All-Star campaign. And while his more developed post repertoire, tighter handle, and smoother jumper are what stick out most to the majority, what does to us is additional explosiveness of the Chicago Bulls wing.

Was Butler flying for slams like this one during his first three years in the league? We certainly don’t remember him doing so. In 2014-2015, though, such über-athletic plays have become relatively commonplace.

Markedly furthered skills and physical ability? It’s no wonder the 25 year-old is due a max-level contract from Chicago come July.

Butler finished with 11 points, nine rebonds and four assists during his team’s ugly 87-71 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.

[Vine via Chicago Bulls]

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