Thunder Coach Billy Donovan Calls Kevin Durant’s Hamstring Injury ‘Nothing Too Serious’

Breathe easy, everybody: Kevin Durant‘s hamstring injury apparently isn’t anything serious. Durant strained his hamstring against the Washington Wizards, keeping him out of action for the next week or so. For those holding their breath at the news of another injury to the 2014 MVP, Billy Donovan says you can let the air out. As the rookie coach told Erik Horne of the Daily Oklahoman:

“All these guys have been playing for a long time, and they understand that every time you step on the floor there’s an opportunity that you could get hurt,” Donovan said. “Thank God it’s nothing too serious for him. We’ll re-evaluate him in seven to 10 days to see where he’s at, but for the most part it’s a blessing for Kevin that it’s not something that’s really long term for him. He’ll work hard and get himself back, get himself healthy, and he’ll pick up where he left off.”

The last thing anyone needs is another severe injury for Durant, who missed the majority of last season after suffering a Jones fracture in his foot that required multiple surgeries. Durant has shown few, if any, lingering effects of the injury this year as he quickly reclaimed his place among the league’s elite, scoring 28.1 points per game with a 29.09 PER.

With a little rest and recovery, Durant should be good to go and continue his campaign of reminding everyone why they should be terrified of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

(The Daily Oklahoman)