Kobe Bryant Says He’ll Go ‘Full Black Mamba Face’ To Intimidate His Daughters’ Dates

Kobe Bryant
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Kobe Bryant is one of the most feared competitors in the history of professional sports, and it appears he’ll make every effort to extend that reputation off the floor, too – at least in one specific area.

While in Napa, CA for the release of his new signature watch, the Los Angeles Lakers legend caught up with The Insiders’ Michael Yo. Instead of discussing Bryant’s collaboration with Hublot or even his basketball twilight, though, the pair touched on an approach to intimidating his daughter’s future dates.

How will Kobe do it? By going Black Mamba, of course. Here’s Bryant and Yo courtesy of Yahoo! Screen.

Yo: Dude knocks on the door… ‘Hey, can I see your daughter?’

Bryant: The idea is to be as intimidating as I possibly can. Full Black Mamba Face.


Let’s hope Bryant finds another way to channel the inner-Mamba once his playing days are finished. His girls deserve a chance at romance, right? And if their father is scaring dates away, it could prove difficult to find.

[The Insiders] [h/t Lakers Nation]

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