Michael Jordan Hates The ‘Crying Jordan’ Meme, At Least According To Charles Oakley

One day, some mad genius decided to take the picture of Michael Jordan crying at his Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, photoshop it onto someone’s head, and the Crying Jordan meme was born. Since then, it has blown up, and any time anyone catches a loss of any kind, there will be a person who photoshops the Crying Jordan head onto theirs. There are even some people (i.e. me) who have an app on their phones that let them speed up this process.

But throughout all of this there has been one question: what does Michael Jordan think of the meme? We know that he monitors its use to make sure no one is making money off of his likeness, but no one knows whether he actually likes the thing or not.

According to Jordan’s friend/former teammate Charles Oakley, His Airness is not a fan. Oakley told TMZ that Jordan doesn’t like it, which makes sense considering it’s people getting a laugh out of one of the biggest moments of the dude’s life.

As for Oakley, he said that “it is what it is.” Take that however you will, but I choose to believe that Charles Oakley believes the Crying Jordan meme is the funniest thing on the internet but he doesn’t want to hurt Michael Jordan’s feelings. That’s probably not the correct interpretation, but isn’t it more fun to think that it is?

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