Muggsy Bogues Wants NBA 2K To Get It Right This Time Around

Muggsy Bogues has a beef to pick with the folks at 2K Sports. He wants them to get his photo right for the NBA 2K15 edition, because they certainly didn’t do so last year.

NBA 2K15 is not expected to be released until October, but Bogues wants to make sure the developers of the game are very aware of not making the same mistake again. He tweeted out a photo of what he looked like in last year’s game:


Yes, that is most definitely not Bogues. In 2K’s defense, they definitely got the height correct. It would be very strange to play with Bogues in a video game and find that he’s a terror in the low post.

Any video game developer should be mindful of making such a simple mistake as getting a profile picture wrong. With social media today, you’re always one mishap from becoming the latest meme.

But 2K gets a lot of other stuff right, including the in-game graphics, which is something their competitors at NBA Live cannot claim. For proof, check out this comparison of the two games last year:

Video gaming has come a long way, but this proves there are still a lot of things at which they can improve. The details always matter.

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