Nike Kobe VII System Supreme “Year of the Dragon” Edition

In what has become an annual tradition, Nike has once again drawn inspiration from the Chinese zodiac for the release of this winter’s “Year of the Dragon” collection. With impeccable attention to detail, four models have been reworked to capture their association with the mythical creature. It’s time to take a closer look at Nike Kobe VII System Supreme.

Kobe Bryant appreciates Chinese culture, in particular Chinese Kung Fu. The quest for agility and speed has been integrated into his own athletic performance. Drawing inspiration from Kobe’s Italian roots and Kung Fu movies filmed in that country, the design team rendered the Nike Kobe VII System Supreme with the signature three colors of Italy. The Nike Kobe VII System Supreme comes with a cushion printed with Kobe’s exclusive golden logo, a statement of invincibility. The matrix design on the upper is a special code, spelling the message for Kobe. With his signature and an animated dragon pattern on the counter, this design is impeccable for the Chinese new year.

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