Phoenix Suns Unveil New Jerseys Including Sleeved Alternate Resembling Traffic Cones

Last night in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Phoenix Suns unveiled new jersey designs for the upcoming 2013-14 season in a fashion show presentation featuring Eric Bledsoe, Alex Len, Archie Goodwin, P.J. Tucker and Caron Butler.

The unveiling included three different jersey designs: a white home jersey, a purple road jersey and a sleeved, orange alternate jersey.

The white home jerseys include “speed lines” on the orange “Suns” block lettering slanted across the chest with orange rays under the team name and black numbers just below the heart.

The purple away jerseys include “Phoenix” in slanted, white block lettering with white sun rays underneath, and orange numbers below the heart.

The orange alternates look just like traffic cones. They feature the sleeves similar to the Warriors alternates last season. “Suns” is in white, slanted block lettering across the chest with black numbers below the heart. We don’t really like these alternates, but then we don’t really like traffic cones either, since they connote construction and traffic delays.

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