Reggie Jackson Does His Best Russell Westbrook Interpretation & Puts Together Nasty Highlights

Reggie Jackson might be the only person alive who doesn’t miss Russell Westbrook, and while OKC is struggling to cop with it, he’s been doing what he can. In the Thunder’s Game 3 loss, Jackson posted 16 points and 10 boards and had a few of the game’s nicest highlight.

The Grizzlies are 18-1 at home since Feb. 8, and held Kevin Durant‘s teammates to a horrific shooting night: 23-for-69. Where was Kevin Martin? Where was Serge Ibaka? Where has Ibaka been all postseason? Jackson has actually scored in double-digits in every game since Westbrook got hurt, but in three games against Memphis, he’s only averaging two dimes a night. To quote Charles Barkley, “OKC is doing it wrong.”

We’re out like the Thunder’s offense.

Can the Thunder win this series?

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