Remember This Name: Damon Harge, Class Of 2018 Phenom Point Guard

There seems to be no stoppage for incredible talent among today’s young ballers, which is music to the ears for every basketball fan. If it appears that the source of this remarkable talent and potential continues to stem from younger and younger athletes, you aren’t alone.

Enter Damon Harge, a high school freshman and starting point guard for Orlando Christian Prep. You might remember Harge’s name as the recipient of a scholarship offer from North Carolina Central before even stepping foot on his school’s campus as a seventh grader. College scouts have been waiting like vultures to win over Harge, as the high school freshman has already worked under an impressive line of training and mentorship resources, such as John Wall and Kyrie Irving.

Harge has been playing high school ball for three years now, and from the looks of his insane summer mixtape courtesy of City League Hoops, you can understand the hype surrounding the 5-8 high school point man. From his marvelous handle to his remarkable range, Harge turned plenty of heads during his play with the E1T1 Elite squad at the AAU circuit and while participating at Chris Paul’s CP3 Rising Stars Camp in North Carolina. We simply can’t wait to see this youngster continue to evolve and blow up the high school basketball world.

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