Steph Curry Put Andre Roberson On Skates, But The Result Is Like Golden State’s First Half

That’s a great move Steph put on Roberson as he was getting rode like a pony at the petting zoo while crossing halfcourt. Roberson is an elite perimeter defender, but Steph seems to have some bounce in his step in Game 7.

Except, here’s the thing. Steph missed the wide-open jumper, and that’s been Golden State’s first half in a nutshell.

The Warriors have made a run because Klay Thompson is starting to find the bottom of the nylon, but the Thunder aren’t rolling over because they’re in big, bad Oracle. They beat the Spurs twice in San Antonio to get out of the Conference Semifinals, and they’ve already beaten Golden State in Oakland for Game 1.

As of this writing, it’s 37-33 Thunder (and the Thunder scored seven straight after we published, so it’s 44-33, now). After only hitting nine of their first 32 shot attempts, the Warriors hit their next four. Also, the Thunder are absolutely owning the Warriors on the glass, getting more second chances than the Dubs can give up if they want to play in the Finals again.

But, we think this is why the Thunder are winning in the early going: KD and Russ are getting others involved.

Buckle up, this is gonna be a close one, and we could either hear Oracle explode, or fall deathly quiet. It’s honestly hard to tell which way we’re headed in the first 20 minutes of game action.