A Goof On Steph Curry’s Game 6 Stat Line Cost A Bunch Of Sports Bettors Big

05.29.16 2 years ago
stephen curry

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Steph Curry made a lot of people’s lives miserable on Saturday night in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, some inadvertently so. Klay Thompson was the hero on that night, but Curry had a monster outing of his own, including the game-sealing layup over Kevin Durant’s outstretched arms in the final minute of play.

Apparently, those two points were erroneously awarded to Draymond Green at the outset. Here’s why that’s significant, via Steven Ruiz of FTW:

The over/under on Curry’s Game 6 point total was set at 30.5. The initial postgame box score had him down for 29. Those who took the “under” celebrated their win.


Curry scored 31 points, making the “over” the winning bet.

There’s no industry standard for how sports books handle scenarios like this, though.

Therein lies the discrepancy. It’s unclear exactly how outlets will honor these bets, but FTW goes on to quote a sports gambling expert who says they will most likely be decided in-house depending on how that particular entity interprets the rules.

Regardless, those two measly points have caused quite an uproar in the sports gambling community, and it’s safe to say that a lot of people probably cashed in those bets before the box score was officially changed, while other lost out on their rightful earnings.


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