The New King?

07.11.10 8 years ago 82 Comments

Crazy how perception can change so quickly. Even in the aftermath of LeBron‘s 2010 playoff exit, most people would still have considered him no lower than the 2nd-best basketball player in the world. When we did a “Who’s Better?” comparison between LBJ and D-Wade during the season, the heavy majority swung toward LeBron. But now? After LeBron joined the Miami Heat, our latest poll asked “Who’s the better player?” — and results showed Wade with a 3-to-2 advantage. Looks like LeBron is gonna have to wait until they actually get on the court to get his crown back … In the meantime, we’re starting to get an idea what the Heat roster may look like: Three superstars plus a collection of ring-chasing vets and cheap young’uns. Juwan Howard and Mike Miller are among Miami’s primary targets, Udonis Haslem is looking like he’ll re-sign, and Derek Fisher is reportedly meeting with Pat Riley this weekend. Big Z even said he might wanna go to Miami. (Would the Cleveland fans hate him for that?) … And now the Cavs are all about making moves. They did next to nothing while waiting for LeBron to come back, but now rumors have the Cavs pursuing Al Jefferson in a trade and going after Josh Childress in free agency. If Minnesota is willing to take Cleveland’s trade exceptions instead of players for Big Al, we could see a Cavs big-man rotation of Jefferson, Jamison, Hickson and Varejao. That’s not a bad look with Mo Williams running the point, but who’s gonna fill the wing positions? … One potentially big winner in this LeBron ordeal is Christian Eyenga. He’s the 6-6 kid from the Congo the Cavs drafted a couple years ago and stashed in Europe. Playing the same position as LeBron, we assumed he’d never see the court in Cleveland, but now minutes have opened up. It’s like Peyton Manning‘s backup finally getting some snaps; you just hope he hasn’t forgotten how to play … The Knicks are finalizing their deal with Ray Felton, for a reported two years and $15.8 million. Obviously New York still considers themselves in the running for Tony Parker or Chris Paul, so no need to lock Felton up long-term if he could become a backup or a trade chip sooner than you’d think … The Jazz have already lost one starter (Boozer) and one key bench guy (Korver) in free agency, and now they could lose another starter. Wes Matthews signed a 5-year, $34 million offer sheet from Portland, who if you remember tried to get Paul Millsap last year before Utah matched their offer. Millsap and Gordon Hayward could be good enough replacements for Booz and Korver, but the Jazz don’t really have anybody like Matthews. Maybe they’ll bring Ronnie Brewer back … Not that it has any implications for the post-Bosh Raptors and post-Amar’e Suns, but Toronto destroyed Phoenix in yesterday’s summer-league game, 103-69. Ed Davis had 15 points and 8 boards for the Raps, while DeMar DeRozan scored 16 … Other Vegas stat lines: Rodrigue Beaubois dropped 28 points in Dallas’ loss to Houston; Ty Lawson put up 18 and 7 assists in Denver’s win over the Lakers, while Devin Ebanks had 24 points and Derrick Caracter had 17 points and 12 boards in the loss; and Austin Daye scored 20 and Greg Monroe posted 11 points and 8 rebounds in Detroit’s win over Golden State … We’re out like Peyton’s backup …

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