Video: Chris Webber Mentions Ron Jeremy Instead Of Ron Burgundy

The NBA Summer League is a chance for everyone to improve and learn from mistakes. That includes the TV guys. Chris Webber was on the broadcast on NBA TV’s Houston-Washington alongside Joel Meyers when sideline reporter Jared Greenberg had a report on reversible jerseys. Make of that what you will, but then C-Webb (one of the most improved color analysts this year by my money) made it one worse.

Joking about sending Greenberg to a panda birth like in Anchorman, he accidentally said Ron Jeremy, the real-life adult actor, instead of Ron Burgundy, the fictional news anchor. The best part is after a few awkward seconds when he acknowledges and tries to correct the mistake, the rest of the broadcast team buries him. It’s like the floodgates open on C-Webb jokes.

Perfect timing award goes to his unidentified broadcast teammate, who chimes in: “I wasn’t jumping on that ball.”

Webber signs off with: “I’ll just be over here quiet for the next 5:28.”

What do you think?

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