Video: NBA 2K13 Releases First Gameplay Video & Screenshots

08.10.12 6 years ago
Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. 2K Sports)

It’s almost that time again. NBA 2K13 might still be a few months away, but now that the Developer Insights have started, you can begin to count down the days. 2K Sports has released the very first one, as well as the first screenshots of the game, and I’m liking what I hear and see. The developers have switched the job of the right stick. What was the shot stick has now become the dribble stick, something I think everyone has been looking forward to for quite some time.

What does this mean for hardcore gamers? It means we should, at least in theory, have more control over the ballhandler. Way too often over the last few releases of this game, I’ve gotten frustrated with isomotion, with being able to execute certain moves in practice, but not being able to do the same thing in a game. Everything was so particular – the tinniest movement could throw a move off – that it became annoying. I shouldn’t have to spend hours upon hours learning how to get my players to respond to my touch. There needs to be a better balance between learning the intricacies, and picking up the game fairly easily. While I don’t know yet how this’ll affect shots at the rim – I always used the shot stick for those – it should definitely help the one-on-one game.

The developers also say they’re working to get the physics of defense down pat. Always an issue with every basketball video game, they’re promising you’ll slide when you should, and lock up when you should. Hopefully that’s true, but I’ll have to see it in action to believe it. The game also figures to make shading offensive players to one side much easier.

One other tiny piece of news: they haven’t released the full player rankings, but I do know Kevin Durant is a 95 while Blake Griffin is a 87.

Stay tuned for more insight into what should once again be one of the best video game releases of the year. NBA 2K13 is scheduled for release on October 2.

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