The New ‘Among Us’ Update Is ‘Just To Make Money’ Because ‘We Live In A Capitalist Society’

Among Us was the surprise hit of 2020 that nobody saw coming. Mainly because the game was released back in 2018 with very little fanfare to it, but with everyone seeking ways to interact with each other online during COVID-19 lockdowns, Among Us quickly became a hit on Twitch and among friend groups. It was the perfect online party game.

Thankfully, most of us are finding some semblance of normalcy in our lives and are able to go see our friends in person again, but that doesn’t mean Among Us has stopped receiving updates. The developers over at Inner Sloth are working on improving the game constantly and recently they released their biggest update yet. It features two huge changes to the game. The first one it showcases is a store with dreaded microtransactions. However, in an appreciated gesture, they’re very upfront about the purpose of the new store: To make money and give players new cosmetics. They say so right in the trailer.

“This is all to make money isn’t it?”


“We live in a capitalist society.”

While yes video games do need to make money, and microtransactions seem to be one of the more effective ways of doing that, this would be a bummer of a trailer if the only addition to the game was a store. That’s why they saved the best part for last with the reveal of new roles for the game. It used to be that Among Us only had two roles: Imposter and Crewmate. Now there are new roles such as Scientist, Engineer, Shapeshifter, and Guardian Angel to add a little more variety to each game.

This is a really good update and one that is going to push some people back towards the game. While Among Us has been receiving consistent updates since it broke out, these major ones are always a fun chance to go back and see everything that’s new. Even if it does have to remind us that we live in a capitalist society sometimes.